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Who We Are_

Expand your world

25 years of experience in sourcing and installing the very latest in multi-room systems, our locally-based team bring a wealth of technical expertise to your project.

From adapting existing technology to creating tailor-made installations to fit your requirements, we can advise, design and manage your project from start to finish. When all you need is a swift solution or a simple jargon-free explanation, we’re right here. Just pick up the phone or come and see us.

As well as being your local experts, we’re also very proud to represent some of the world’s most innovative audiovisual brands. We’ll source the right products for you, install them and make sure you know how to use them, and then stay on call for any customer service or backup. That’s the benefit of buying from local experts.

Our Brands


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Living Space_

Bringing Life to Sound

Discover custom-designed systems created to suit your specification. Explore our Smart Home to see our ranges including Bang & Olufsen, B&W, Panasonic, Samsung, Denon, Rotel and Sonos in action, and book a consultation with our technical team to find the perfect solution for you.

From ensuring your multi-room network is integrated seamlessly to finding imaginative solutions for complicated spaces, sense the difference with advice and support from the experts at Genesis AV.

We’ll work with you to achieve the very best sound experiences within your budget, and set up systems which make enjoying your favourite music simply effortless.


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Home Space_

Smart homes made simple

Whether you want to save the planet, or just avoid a jumble of remote controls, Home Automation can help you conserve energy and make a complex system simple to use.

Discover how easy it can be to manage your home in an energy-efficient way and benefit not only the environment but also your energy bills.

A feeling of security

Your home may be your castle, but it doesn’t have to be a fortress for you to feel secure. It just needs to be smart. With our systems, your home can monitor itself and let you know - wherever you are - when something is wrong.

Get connected

When it comes to a wireless network, security, range, reliability and speed is your priority… and ours. Future-proof your wireless network with access to the best choices for your home and lifestyle.

Plan for the future

Add a home automation system to your property development. We can advise on the ideal system while you’re in the planning stages, and liaise with architects, M&E consultants and interior designers to ensure everything fits perfectly into place in your new home. Call us for a free consultation.

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Set the scene with Lutron

Sophisticated lighting scenes to set the tone, all managed with the touch of a button. Enhance and highlight your home or business environment with our range of Lutron systems.

Updating your home? Contemporary window treatments are designed not simply to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to be energy-efficient, reflecting the sun’s rays during the warmer months, and retaining heat in the winter.

Create the perfect ambiance for indoor or outdoor environments and tailor your lighting to fit your lifestyle with systems individually designed and planned by our team of engineers. Highly trained in all levels of lighting management, our engineers will install your customised lighting system and ensure it’s simple and straightforward to use.

Our reliable aftersales service means you’ll never be left in the dark. See for yourself how controllable lighting can make a difference to your lifestyle; discover our Smart Home to experience the range of lighting solutions available at Genesis AV.

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Corporate Space_

Energy efficient and intuitive: Welcome to the new way of working

Create the ideal working environment in any space with Lutron’s Quantum state-of-the-art lighting solution. Quantum lighting management strategies allow employers to reconfigure spaces quickly and easily, maximise natural light and boost productivity, all while saving valuable energy resources.

Lighting is critical. From switching to LED energy -saving lighting to installing adaptable window blinds to retain heat and maintain shade, make sure your lighting choices count.

Book a consultation with our team of engineers to see how Quantum can enhance your business development and reinforce your corporate values

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Meet The Team_

Mike Schiessl

+ +

Mike set up a cutting-edge audiovisual business (then called base) in 1989. Fast-forward twenty five years and genesis is now the home of the world’s top brands in the world of audiovisual.

‘Everything’s becoming more connected and I like to think of genesis as the facilitators for that. Some people are still hesitant abut new technology, but we take a friendly approach and explain everything they need to know. We’ll install, educate and ensure you have the service and back up you need.’

Ian White

+ +

An expert in AV integration and Smarthome technology, Ian brings over 20 years of audiovisual experience to the Genesis team.

'My favourite part of the job? It's the integration side of things. In the last few years, smart tech has progressed in leaps and bounds and a completely integrated multi-room system is much more accessible than people realise. I love showing people just how straightforward it can be to have the latest one-touch technology at home'.

Graeme Balleine

+ +

From the latest indoor light control and customised window treatments to stunning outdoor landscape lighting, Graeme brings his specialist lighting experience to your project. Available to advise on all levels of lighting project from the planning stages to upgrading your home with the latest window treatments, Graeme will always ensure he finds the right solution for each customer.

'How easy is it to put in a lighting control system? Simpler than people realise.'

Mark Raper

+ +

Music is Mark's passion, which is why he likes nothing more than setting up the latest systems for fellow music fans. From adapting current systems to advice on how to expand in the future, Genesis has the expertise to make your audiovisual experience outstanding.

'Music gives you memories and brings back memories all at the same time. It's powerful, and if you love music you'll want to hear it properly with the very best audio equipment within your budget. That's what we can help you find.'

Bob Brown

+ +

Reliability is a key watchword for Genesis, and Bob Brown is the man who makes it all happen. The service expert for Genesis, Bob can always find a solution, from tracking down replacement parts to fixing vintage turntables.

'Service is critical. If you purchase something, you're essentially investing in it, so you want to ensure it will last and continue to bring you pleasure for many years to come. Our expert advice and service backup ensures that will always be the case'

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